Pink House Management was established in 2006 and inspired by our first construction project; Pink House apartment, located in Githurai estate. We have since then grown to a real estate management with a variety of properties located in over 4 Counties.

Today, our business provides a unique set of services to Property Owners which guarantees our clients a clear and responsive understanding of the health of their real estate asset.

To meticulously provide shelter for people and businesses, to enable the ultimate human experience.

To be recognised as the most reliable, consumer oriented, commercial and residential real estate company nationwide.

Integrity & Excellence in performance


Management of commercial and residential spaces has been Pink House’s strongest business model over the years. We currently have over 35 buildings under our care. In basic sense, when we are charged with the oversight of a building, as a team, we dedicate effort and resources to keeping up to date with the state of the premises under our care. This helps us have a comprehensive idea of, the vacant spaces in need of occupation, premises in need of repair services and Security and Sanitary conditions of a building.

What We Do.


Our services include multi-pronged activities touching on basics such as ;

  • Rent collection and management on behalf of the property owners.
  • Construction site management and coordination.
  • Control and sourcing of building material for repairs.
  • To let residential and commercial buildings.
  • Buying and selling of both commercial and residential plots.

  • Maintenance and repairs.
  • Appointing service providers.
  • Attending to tenants and landlords needs.
  • Lease management /Administration.
  • Effective controls and payments of service charges.
  • Regular meetings with caretakers and property owners to address any management issues / updates.